SNYDER, Texas (BCH Sports) – Cinderella’s glass slipper was a pair of cleats for Snyder, last season.

They played a fairy tale season and surprised team after team in the playoffs.

The Tigers broke every barrier last season, so what’s the motive this time around?

Brandt House said, “We just gotta really think about how it’s not last year and we lost a couple good guys last year. Hunter, Bryce and Jaden. You really gotta build off what we did last year but not be last year and make your own identity as a team.”

Jaxon West said, “Just keep doing what we’re doing and keep fighting, just keep working hard, we don’t look like the toughest team, biggest team definitely but we’re here to play and we want it more.”

Head coach Shane Stewart said, “Well I think really having so many guys back, they kind of got a taste of what it was like to win and have some success in the postseason. It’s kind of taken us a little bit of time this year to get rolling, but at the same time I feel we are starting to hit a stride with where we wanna be.”

Easton Stewart said, “This year we’re just trying to build on our success from last year and try to get back to where we were if we can, but just right now just grinding in the district schedule. We’re right now eyeing for a district title but we’re taking it one game at a time.”

The Tigers have an abundance of goals left before even worrying about the postseason.

Snyder starts the second half of district play on Friday night against Lubbock Estacado.