The Munday Moguls start a new era this year in high school football.

Former Wylie assistant Webb Murphy is the new head coach, and he’s ready to take on the challenge of leading the Moguls back to the level of their glory days.

Enrollment has been down in Munday, so there aren’t many players on the field.

Muphy, however, likes what he’s seend from his new team.

Murphy said, “They’ve been really good, and man, I am fired up for the chance to do gret things here.”

Moguls quarterback Chris Garcia said, “He wants to move fast, and I like that. If we move fast, they’re trying to hurry up and get situated and get ready for it, and they can’t get ready for it, and we’re ready for it.”

Murphy added, “When I got the job, it was right in the middle of track season, and so, my first contract with the guys was watching them run track, and I was impressed with their effort and their talent. Track takes a lot of grit, and we’ve got some guys that can go.”

They are going to need that speed this year because every member of Munday’s new district was a playoff team last year.

The Moguls start 2022 against Mercy Culture Prep on August 26.