The Wylie Bulldogs dominated El Paso on Friday night for their first victory in school history in the Class 5A playoffs.

The Bulldogs offense was virtually unstoppable.

Almost any coach will tell you they want balance on that side of the ball, and Wylie was about as close as you can come.

They threw for 256 yards and ran for 216 yards, and the Bulldogs found the end zone nine times.

Balance is the mission, and mission accomplished.

K.J. Long said, “It just takes all eleven guys on the field to, if everyone does their job, we can accomplish that goal week in and week out. It starts up front with the linemen. If they do their job, then we can execute in the run game, and once we can start doing that, we can get the passing game open. I think we’ve done that the past few weeks really well.”

Cayden Clay said, “It starts with us up front. We have that weight on our shoulders. It’s all on us, more or less. Fortunately, when we get the run game going, we can open up our weapons with Harrison, Hunter, Regala. Then, we keep running the ball. It’s tough to stop, so fortunately, we have those weapons that we can utilize them each week.”

Wylie is headed east for their second round of the playoffs.

They play Colleyville Heritage on Friday night in Grapevine at 7 p.m.