The Texas Leadership Charter Academy started a new era in football on Monday.

After a couple of years playing six-man football, head coach Jeremy Kirk and the school decided to move up to 11-man football, even though the enrollment is still at six-man levels.

There aren’t going to be many players on the sidelines this season, but the Eagles are excited about starting something new.

Zaidryn Moreno-Nobles said, “It’s really exciting. This school we go to, it started off really small but it’s growing and just going up from here. It’s pretty exciting. We’re playing some tougher opponents. Just some stuff we’re looking forward to.”

Head coach Jeremy Kirk said, “The biggest challenge is right now, is numbers. We’re going to carry about 23-24 on our varsity football team. That’ll be our biggest challenge. The other challenge we’re gonna have is we don’t have a lot of experience in 11-man. We only have a couple of kids that have experience in 11-man. So, it’s a learning process for them all.”

TLCA is using Hawley’s stadium while theirs is under construction for home games.

The Eagles open the 2022 season at Water Valley.