As you heard… before Flores arrived, TLCA won one game. This year, they won 16 games with five freshmen in the starting lineup, and the Lady Eagles are district champions!

Jamie Flores said, “It has been a blessing, honestly, to be the first coach that has gotten the first gold ball here at TLCA. Most of my girls are freshman. I have six freshmen, and five of them are starters, so bringing in a big group of freshmen has really helped the program, a lot.”

Flores is coaching at one of the tougher places to coach because sports are not the first thing on TLCA students, or their family’s, minds when they decide to become Eagles.

Flores said, “Just encouraging them to be here every day has been somewhat of a challenge because parents don’t know the big sports aspect, so it’s been challenging in that aspect, but we are working through it, and it has been great.”

Wright said, “When she first came we had a two-a-day practice. She taughts us materials that we are going to learn and stuff. When it came to the beginning of the school year, we came to practice, and she said, ‘We are going to hit at y’all, and we’re going to dive.'”

The Lady Eagles are winners, and the girls say Flores deserves most of the credit.

Olivares said, “She took us to a whole other level. She showed us how great we can be, and if we put so much work into volleyball, how good we can turn out.”

Wright added, “Last year, we struggled a little bit, but when we gained a new coach, we are all coachable. She helped us get there. We struggle sometimes during games, but we learn how to be a family and come together as a family and win.”

Olivares said, “I would say thank you very much for always being there and always supporting us.”

Jamie Flores is the Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union Coach of the Week.