I am here at the Big Country Football Clinic, the guy that started it all the Athletic Director for TLCA head coach for football Jeremy Kirk. Jeremy, when did this thought go through your head to start this?

Jeremy Kirk said, “Well you know, when you’re at a school like we are, starting out and hiring young coaches. You have the itch to get them in and learn something different. You’ve taught them what you know, and I’ve only been doing this ten years. Some of the guys here at this clinic has been here 15-20. We have a guy here that’s gonna present, he’s got five state championships. So my young guys can definitely learn something. When I started hiring coaches 22-23, they need to learn from somebody else. So, I threw it out there and I kind of helped with the deal, Webb Murphy who is the new AD at Munday, he kind of put on a O-line clinic last year. So we kind of had some familar faces to reach out to, so that’s kind of where we started.”

You know, switching gears, cause this is about football, speaking of. Your team coming up, we spoke, they were doing very well making a lot of moves a lot of history for your school. This season, what’s the expectations, what’s the schedule look like, some players to watch. Just give me a breakdown of that.

Well you know um, when enrollment came out for the realignent this year. We turned in 86 kids, I was asked by our administration down in San Angelo, ‘Coach do you wanna go 11-man or do you wanna stay 6-man’. I felt like it was our opportunity to go 11-man. We’re just growing, we’re growing fast. Our enrollment is going to be about 120 in our high school, truthfully. So we decided to go 11-man. That schedule is gonna look good for us early, we’re gonna open up with Water Valley, who is also going from 6-man to 11-man. The we’ll play Munday, Sterling City, then I might of got myself in a little bit of a pickle. We’re gonna play Lockney and Wichita City View. Then our district we’ll get a bye, then start with Hamlin, go Roscoe, Cross Plains, Miles and Albany I believe. I may have some of those switched around in there. We’re making the jump to 11-man, again doing something in history for our school. Our kids have bought in this spring. I was able to hire some guys and coach Steven Ward who has been at Abilene High and has done some 11-man stuff and going to be my offensive coordinator this year so I’m excited about that.”

Well thank you Coach Kirk I look forward to all of that and congrats on making that jump up a class this season. Well that is all I have for you thank you so much for your time. Here at the Big Country Football Clinic, the first one ever here with Coach Kirk