The Haskell/Stamford rivalry is the oldest rivalry in the Big Country. The Bulldogs and the Indians are getting ready to meet for the 104th time in Week 2 of the upcoming season. It’s the ninth longest series in the state of Texas, and five future NFL players played in the series. The two schools are just under 18 miles apart, so it just makes sense that they play each other. The series started way back in 1917 with a Stamford victory and have played this game every year since, except for 1918, 1943, 1956, and 57. The Bulldogs lead the series with 68 victories in the series, and eleven wins in the last twelve years. That number includes 28 shutout victories. Haskell’s heyday in the rivalry came from 2003 to 2009, and they snapped their 11 game losing streak to the Bulldogs last year.

Stamford is also a part of the Big Country’s second longest rivalry. The Bulldogs and the Anson Tigers are getting ready to collide for the 98th time. This series started back in 1916. Stamford leads this one, too, with 59 wins against the Tigers. Anson’s win total is 30, including the last three in a row. The longest winning streak by either side came from 1952 to 1959 when the Bulldogs won all eight games, and they held Stamford to just six total points in those eight games. The Bulldogs and the Tigers are in the same district this year, and Texas Football magazine says they will fight it out for the fourth and final playoff berth. The Jones County battle is in Week 9 of the season.

The northern Big Country schools have been playing each other for a long time, and Stamford is back, again. The Bulldogs series with Hamlin is the third longest Big Country rivalry being played this year. This year’s showdown in the season opener is the pair’s 97th meeting. The two teams started playing each other in 1921, and they’ve played every year since then except five. This is another series Stamford leads with 56 wins. Hamlin walked away with 38 victories, and the two schools battled to ties two times. Stamford won 21 of the first 25 games in the early going. Hamlin’s longest winning streak is seven from 1972 to 1978. Game number 97 is just 46 days away on August 26 at Pied Piper Stadium.