Ty Lang said, “Man, coaching’s in my blood.”

New Ballinger Head Coach Ty Lang is a third generation coach.

Ty Lang said, “Yeah this is going to be the 118th season a Lang is going to be on the sidelines. That means a lot to me personally, because I know when I step out on the field I’m not just representing in this case the Ballinger Bearcats, but I’m representing the Lang family. My grandfather coached, my dad coached, my uncle coached. The family eyes are on me and I’ve got some big shoes to fill there.”

Even though it is a family thing to coach, that wasn’t what Ty wanted to do when he was 18.

Lang said, “I went to school to be a pharmacist. That lasted about a semester. Anyone that knows me, knows that’s shocking.”

And he’s no stanger to the Big Country.

Land added, “It’s awesome being back in this area. We got to run our district track meet was up in Clyde back in the spring. So just being back in that area, it’s good just being back in this area.”

And now taking over a thriving football program that’s made the playoffs 12 out of the past 15 seasons.

Ty Lang said, “I can do the best that I can do and put these kids in a situation to work hard and believe in themselves. Get out there on Friday nights and compete as hard as they can for the Ballinger Bearcats and hopefully get some W’s in the process.”

Nathan Rivera-McDuffee said, “On the first day here I met Coach Lang and from the moment met him, he’s a great guy and I love him already I can tell you that. I trust him with everything I have. I believe we’re gonna build this program up to what it’s meant to be.”

Lang added, “I’m excited to be apart of this group and can’t wait to see what we do.”

Ballinger’s season opener is at Sonora on August 26th.