Vin Scully provides wise words for all

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Vin Scully said, “Hi everybody and a very pleasant good afternoon to you wherever you may be. Excuse me, that’s a form of habit, but wherever you may be, that means most of you are home just as I am waiting hopefully for Opening Day. I trust all is well, I hope you are far and away from any sickness, and I miss you. “

Scully said, “These are tough times, certainly I don’t have to tell you that, but having lived as long as I have lived, I’ve seen this country, the greatest country on Earth, get off of it’s knees literally and figuratively. When they were down and out during the depression and when they were on their knees after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. And what happened then, they unleashed a tiger. The tiger was the whole country pulling together and not just getting back on its feet but saving the world.”

Scully said, “Spend the precious time at your home with your family, pray a little bit more like most of us will do, and above all try to smile because when you smile that’s make makes everybody else feel better. God Bless.”

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