Warner loves Prescott’s leadership


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is entering his third season as a starter in the NFL.

He was great in his first season and led the Cowboys to the playoffs.

Prescott followed that up with an up and down second season. 

There are already critics out there saying this is a make or break season for the former fourth round pick, but do not count Kurt Warner as one of those critics. 

Warner says it’s easy to forget Prescott is just a third-year player. He’s a big fan and expects big things from Dak. 

Warner said, “I’ve been impressed from day one. His demeanor. The way he handles himself. You hear everybody here talk about leadership, and you can feel that when you are around him. He’s a guy that takes control and nothing’s too big for him. That’s the thing with Dak. We’ve seen the upside. We’ve seen some struggles. Now, it’s about settling in and seeing who he’s going to throughout his career, but I’m not worried about him from a leadership stand point.” 

The Cowboys open the preseason in San Francisco. The second preseason game is August 18 in Arlington against Cincinnati. 

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