Warren’s Wisdom: Thoughts on AHS, CHS and Wylie


David Robinett said, “It’s Monday. That means it’s time for a little bit more Warren’s Wisdom. Coach Warren is back with us this year. He says he has more wisdom. He’s got a little more stored up since last year. Let’s talk about the three high schools in Abilene. Starting with Abilene High. What do see?”

Steve Warren said, “They’ve got a lot of questions to answer, but they’ve got a lot of people coming back from last year. They had to play so many young kids because of so may injuries that a lot of those kids of coming back. They’ve got a quarterback battle going on over there, and that’s gonna make a big difference. They’ve got a lot of kids back on defense that played last year.”

Robinett said, “The Cooper Cougars, what do you see there?”

Warren said, “Well you know, a little bit of a change over the summer. Coach Moebes is out. Coach Roan is in. There’s a good bit of familiarity there plus the fact you lost three really productive players on the offensive side of the ball. There’s going to be some growing pains for those guys. I know they’ve got some good players in place. I know the program is in place, and coach Roan won’t change a whole lot of that.”

Robinett said, “Finally, the Wylie Bulldogs. They finally moved up to Class 5A.”

Warren said, “They don’t have a new coach. They haven’t had a new coach for four decades. The old guy is still heading it up out there. His kids will be ready to play. Stepping up a classification won’t be that big a deal once they get used to the speed of the game against some of their preseason opponents, but once they get into district play, I don’t think there’s any doubt they will compete for a district championship.”

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