Warren’s Wisdom: Week One


David Robinett asks former Abilene High head coach Steve Warren what Week 1 is like for coaches and players in Warren’s Wisdom. 

David Robinett said, “Well, it’s is time for a little bit more Warren’s Wisdom. It’s been a while coach.”

Steve Warren said, “It has been a while. Taking my time to build up a little bit more wisdom.”

Robinett said, “Good and now we are going to get some of it. Coach Warren joins us now, and he’s going to join us every week. We are going to talk about high school, college, pro. Whatever we want to. This week is game week for high schools and college teams. What is Week 1 like?”

Warren said, “It’s crazy. Optimism’s running high. Everybody’s undefeated. The coaches have a million things to do before the first game. Behind the scenes they are really crossing all the ‘t’s’ and dotting all of the ‘i’s’ getting ready to play really well ijn that season opener.”

Robinett asked, “Nervous, or are they excited, or is their too much to do for all of that?” 

Warren anwers, “There is too much to be nervous. But they are excited, This is what you work for from the very last day of last year when the season ended, whenever it ended, until right now. This is what all that planning is for, and all the hard work your kids have been through. It’s an exciting time.”

Robinett asked, “Is it the best week?”

Warren answers, “I think so. I really think there’s a lot of energy that goes into it. You are ready to get into that game week routine, and all that other stuff you have to do to get ready. Two-a-days, school openings, parents meetings, all that other stuff. You got it behind you now and you can just go play football.”

Robinett said, “The high school football season starts on Friday. The college season starts on Thursday when McMurry is at home.

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