Munday High School came to Abilene to find it’s new head football coach and athletic director.

They hired former Cooper Cougar and current Wylie assistant coach Webb Murphy to loead the program into the future.

Muphy takes over a Mogul program that is down.

After winning 107 games and two state championships in football from 2007-2017, the Munday is just 3-32 in the last four seasons.

The wins are down, and the numbers are down, but Murphy believes he knows how to bring the program back to the top.

He said, “When I’m meeting these kids, I don’t say, ‘Hey, what sports do you work?’ I ask, ‘What sports do you play?’ We are going to work hard, but we are going to have a lot of fun. We are going to get after it. I want to be somebody they want to play for. I’ve always taken a lot of pride in being that type of coach.”

Murphy added, “Every able bodied kid in the school needs to play everything. I’ve already met with them and talked to them, and if you can make a contribution to the football team, you are on it, basketball team, track team, tennis team, whatever. We want kids involved. We want kids playing. Our biggest job as a coach it to make sure that they have a wonderful high school experience, and sports is a wonderful, wonderful part of that, and the younger groups, the class sizes, are larger. It’s coming back up, again.”

This is Murphy’s first head coaching job.

He takes over for Justin Josselet in Munday.

The Moguls were just 1-6 in two seasons under Josselet’s leadership.