When we played games… Hamlin’s Sepeda returns to action after being hospitalized

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When we played games… Hamlin’s Jackson Sepeda returned to the field after a seizure that sent him to the hospital a few weeks earlier.

Jackson Sepeda said, “It’s something that you just can’t really explain. Not many people can say that they had what happened to me and come back a couple weeks later.”

On October 14th, Hamlin Running Back Jackson Sepeda faced an obstacle that had the potential to end his football career and possibly his life.

Sepeda said, “It started off as a normal Monday morning, came to weights, felt a little light-headed but I really didn’t think anything of it. I kind of had an episode of this before a couple years prior but I knew this one kind of felt different. About five to ten minutes into it, I went unconscious.”

While in class, Sepeda was experiencing a nonepileptic seizure.

Head Coach Russell Lucas said, “He became unresponsive and it was a pretty scary time.”

AJ Ramirez said, “Seeing him like that, it’s hard to see someone go through that. We prayed for him.”

Sepeda went to the hospital in Abilene before being airlifted to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth where he would regain his consciousness that evening.

Sepeda said, “That night, I kind of just laid there in the bedroom and thought about how lucky I honestly was to be alive still.”

Sepeda spent three days at Cook Children’s before coming back to school that Friday to rejoin his teammates.

Lucas said, “I thought our kids did a great job rallying around him as a brother.”

Sepeda said, “I was on a cane because I just really wanted to be at the game to support the guys for everything that they had done for me throughout the whole week. I didn’t expect to come back as quickly as I did.”

Only two weeks later after being cleared by doctors, Sepeda went from a spectator to the star in his improbable return to the field. He rushed for 93 yards on 5 carries and 2 TDs and caught two passes for 12 yards and another touchdown to lead the Pied Pipers to a win at Cross Plains.

Lucas said, “To go from that point to just a few weeks later being able to play at the level he played at was pretty amazing.”

Ramirez said, “It was impressive, I’m glad to see him. We missed him at the Haskell game but it was good to see him out there and play with him again.”

Sepeda said, “Body-wise, I feel great. That first night there was some serious doubt that I wouldn’t play again but somehow I did.”

Jackson Sepeda, the Week 10 Impact Player of the Week.

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