It’s not every day a division one college baseball coach uses his knowledge of the game to coach kids playing little league.

This summer ACU Head Baseball Coach Rick McCarty has joined the Wylie Little League 12-year old All-Stars as an assistant, to have the opportunity to coach his son Myles in his final year of little league.

Know the rarity of the situation, we asked Coach McCarty an extremely important question, who is more difficult to coach, division one college baseball players, or little leaguers?

“Great question, it depends on the day. These guys (Little Leaguers) are so moldable, but just immature right, like they’re 12-year old. My guys can be maybe a little bit more closed minded, but they can also be extremely immature. I don’t know, it’s been a blast blending both. I’ve got no negatives at all. This is what I love, this is what I do. So if I can provide a smile, or a teaching moment for someone here that’s 12, that’s as honestly as rewarding as it may be for and 18-22 year old. So it’s been really fun and enjoyable. I hope these guys can keep playing for a while and have as many positive experiences as they can,” said ACU Head Baseball Coach Rick McCarty.

With a win over the All-Stars from Fort Worth University Little League, the Wylie Little League All-Stars have advanced to the Section 2 Championship game. The game will take place on Tuesday, July 5th, @11:30am, at the Rocker B. Ranch baseball fields.

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