The ACU Wildcats continue spring football practice this week.

They are a little less than five months from the 2022 season opener against Lamar on September 1st.

The job of a new head coach is to get his offense and defense installed in the spring.

It’s a big challenge for any coach, but Keith Patterson says the last three and a half weeks of practice have been very productive.

Patterson said, “On both sides of the ball a little big better understanding of the scheme. I kind of like learning a new language. Somethings that you call, may have been the name of another play offensive or defensively. Number one, I think our guys have a pretty good grasp of what we are doing on both sides of the football. Just little things like the effort with which you play with. You may think you are playing hard, but you are not playing hard to the standard that we want to set for you. We are trying to get them to play with greater effort and with more attention to detail when it comes to alignment and assignments.”

Fans get a chance to see the Wildcats in action in the Spring Showcase on Saturday night.

It starts at 6:30 p.m.