Two ACU Wildcats have made it back from the NCAA Track and Field National Championships in Eugene, Oregon.

Both Wildcats finished eighth overall at the meet and received ACU’s first-ever All-American honors.

Annina Brandenburg said, “It feels great, it was a fun experience. I think the really fun part is it just opens the door for other people now that we done that and show that. ACU is small and we have some great athletes here. So, it just opens the door for other people and see what ACU can do in the future is what I think is the most exciting feeling about it.”
J.J. Ply said, “Man I think it’s really special to me. Competing at the National Championship and becoming an All-American. It’s been a dream of mine for a long long time. To be able to do that here at ACU, is something really really special to me and hold onto that for a very long time.”
Jerrod Cook said, “It’s one of those things that I just feel extremely blessed. Blessed to be able to work with athletes and people more so like them. This is a historic moment for us in track and field.”

Plans now after college: Annina has went back to her home in Germany and J.J. plans to continue his love for track and field.