The Wylie Bulldogs are in the regional finals of the Class 5A Division II playoffs for the first time in school history.

That means the ‘Dogs are preparing to play some December football. December football used to be a regular thing at Wylie, but it’s been six years since they played that late in the year.

The players know it’s been a while, and they are proud to bring back December football.

Ryan Price said, “It feels amazing. The last time we were in the playoffs was 2020, and it feels great. The face that we get to go play Argyle is good feeling. The last time we saw them was 2016, so it should be a good game.”

Wyatt Edmiston said, “It’s awesome. It’s the things that you see when you are real young. We watched them play through December, state championships. We saw everything, so as a little kid, you looked up to them and wanted to be where we are now. It’s awesome to be that team that’s going there and doing what they are doing.”

Clay Martin said, “These guys are getting to do something pretty special. Very few plays get to play into December. I think it’s a credit to their hard work and their dedications throughout the year, and their ability to work and keep getting better.”

The Argyle Eagles are coming up next for the Bulldogs on Friday in Stephenville.

They are undefeated this season, and favored to go to the state title game.

Wylie has ten wins for the first time since 2016.