The Wylie Bulldogs are coming off their open date, and they are getting ready to start play in District 2-5A Division II.

The Bulldogs were 2-3 in their five non-district games this season.

Now, the games count. The first five games were used to see who could play and what combinations work.

The rest of the season is a race to the playoffs.

Every game counts, and the Bulldogs say you can tell a change in the air around the locker room.

Clay Martin said, “We are moving into the second phase of our season. A phase in which you have to come to work each and every week and prepare, and you have a district championship game at the end of each week. I think it’s something that we’ve always excelled at being able to prepare and keep task at hand, and we are doing a good job, so far.”

K.J. Long said, “We know everything is at stake now, but we look at it like it’s five football games like we did the last five. We want to win them all, and there’s definitely a feel like its district. We can’t screw around now, but we take every game serious like the last five.”

Wylie is at home to open things up in District 2-5A Division II.

They host the Plainview Bulldogs at Sandifer Stadium.

The Bulldogs are 3-1 in district play against Plainview.