Wylie ready for challenge of Class 5A


The Wylie Bulldogs are embarking on a new journey in 2018 as they move up to Class 5A. While the move will certainly leave some unknowns, the Bulldogs are fortunate to already have an idea of the talent on their roster from their first year of spring practice.

Head Coach Hugh Sandifer said. “What we can really just gauge on is what we did in spring football, that was something that kind of helped us evaluate a lot of talent. This senior class, now it’s their turn to show that they’ve got what it takes.”
Harrison Atwood said, “We’ve been looking forward to this ever since 7th grade, we used to play football on the little side field looking at those Varsity people thinking ‘Wow I wish I could be them, maybe I can be them one day’ and now it’s actually here.”

Now that the team has one less week of practice prior to the season, the Bulldogs are working hard knowing that this year will be full of new challenges.

Sandifer said, “Our kids have embraced that, I think we’ve elevated some of our work ethic, we’ve elevated some of the attention to detail and we’ll have to do a great job competing every week.”

Bailey Hicks said, “We try not to focus on the move up in the classification but, even with that, we’ll just have to have even more of a brotherhood since it’ll be more of a step-up in speed. Whether we are 4A or 5A we are going to have to play good teams and we’re just getting ready for it.”

Brazos Ham said, “Our mindset is the same every year: intensity will win, the teams are bigger, the players are bigger, so we all have to gain weight and get bigger just like them.”

Atwood said, “To get to that last chapter, this could be the last time I could play with any of these guys so we’re going to take advantage of it and we’re going to enjoy it while it’s here.”

The Bulldogs start the 2018 season with a road game in Georgetown on August 31. 

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