If you’ve been paying attention to the weather forecast, the weather people are saying Texas is going to get a lot of rain on Friday and Saturday.

That forecast forced the Wylie softball team to their meeting with El Paso Hanks up a day.

That move means that Lady Bulldogs have to get ready quicker on short notice.

That could upset some teams, but the Lady Bulldogs expect to roll with the punches and beat the state-ranked Lady Knights.

Head coach Heather Collier said, “I think you just have to take advantage of it since that weather’s coming in that we push it up, at this point you’re ready I think you fine tune. I think maybe your practices are more efficient and you don’t have to drag things out over the week and I feel like this change whatever we needed to do I could tell in their face that they were like we’re ready let’s get ready a day early and go take care of business.”

Hanna Hood said, “I feel like we’re a little thrown off but I feel like we can come together and work hard and we know what we need to do and we have a game plan so I think after a good couple of practices we’re gonna be ready.”

The Lady Bulldogs and the 8th-ranked Lady Knights start their series on Thursday at 6 p.m. in Monahans.

Game 2 is Friday at 10 a.m.