The Wylie Bulldogs are one of nine Big Country teams still alive in the playoffs.

The Bulldogs played the wildest game of the weekend, and came from behind to beat Colleyville Heritage, 50-40.

K.J. Long helped lead Wylie to 20 points in the final five minutes of the game.

The biggest play came with eight seconds to go when Long found Harrison Heighten for what was the game winner.

This is not the first time Wylie’s won a game late, and they say believing they can do it is one of the most important things to getting it done.

Wyatt Edmiston said, “We’ve had crazy comebacks before. They always manage to put the points up when we need them. They always get it done. Whenever a team gets down, like the Monterey game, they got down, and they just stopped playing. We put up a bunch of points on them. Whenever we feel like we are going to win, we always manage to go out there and do it. Same thing in the Rider game when it wasn’t looking good, we all believed it and made it happen.”

Clay Martin said, “I think experience and being in those situations is the only way that you can become confident and comfortable in those spots. A lot of that is just keeping your poise and understanding the situation, and our kids have done a great job of that all week long.”

Wylie is headed way out west for the third round of the playoffs this week.

They take on Canutillo in Fort Stockton.

The Eagles are 10-2. The Bulldogs are 9-3.

They kick at 3 on Friday.