The Merkel Badgers won for the first time this season in Week 2.

They shutout Eastland to get that first win.

Offensively, Joey Zink continues to lead the Badgers offense at quarterback, and he’s found a new target.

Maddox O’Malley is the big play threat any quarterback would like.

He’s 6’4″, so just throw it up high, and he’ll get it.

The Zink to O’Malley combination is a good one.

Zink said, “It’s pretty easy, usually I just throw it up. He’s taller than everybody else, whoever is guarding him, he makes pretty good catches.”

Head coach Will Kates said, “Ya know, I think it really comes through reps and understanding each other.”

Maddox O’Malley added, “Yes definitely. He’s a great guy. Like I said he’s one of the best quarterbacks I’ve ever had. It’s fun when he throws me the ball, I like to bow down on people.”

Zink and O’Malley and the rest of the Badgers go for win number two on the season in Clyde.

Both teams are coming off shutout victories in Week 2.