ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A recent study shows that 1/3 of Abilene’s local streets are considered to be in serious or failed condition.

Fugro, a third party company contracted by the City last year, did a survey in September in October and determined Abilene’s streets are in overall poor conditions.

The streets were broken down into three categories – arterial, collector, and local. Of those, local streets, which include residential streets as well as streets to businesses, farms, and more, were in the worst condition.

73% of local streets are in poor or worst condition, and 33% of those are considered poor or failing.

Take a look at some of the residential streets around Abilene in the gallery below:

As a part of the survey, Fugro also concluded the City of Abilene needs to spend nearly $350 million to maintain, rehabilitate, and reconstruct streets over the next 10 years or the already poor conditions will only get worse.