ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Prices at the pumps are rising yet again and for the first time, the average price for a gallon of gas has exceeded $4 in all 50 states.  

“I usually put in about $40-$50 in a week, that usually gets me through the week,” said Abilene driver Saber Fraley. 

Here in Abilene, many people are now reconsidering the way they commute. Others in the community still feel as if their wallets are under attack in keeping up with the prices at the pumps. 

“Right now, it’s probably going to take at least $100 to fill this thing up,” said driver Carl Flebbe. 

Drivers are now paying more than double for gasoline than they were just a few months ago, which is leading to new ideas to try and cut costs. 

“I drive from Haskell to Abilene to work and I spent $450 on gas, so this little car cut my gas in half,” said local driver Steven Grand.   

Fraley says with the overwhelming gas prices, he now feels blessed to be living so close to a grocery store.  

“That’s what makes it nice is that we don’t have to travel super far to get what we need but my travel to my job is like 2 or 3 miles and just that a week is 50 bucks too and from work, so it’s expensive,” said Fraley.  

According to AAA, the current average price for a gallon of gas in the U.S. is $4.52, breaking a national record.  

“Everything else is going up so all the way around it’s tough,” said Flebbe.  

Abilene residents are now speculating just when the price of gas will eventually go back down.  

“We pray that things will turn around and in time they will. Now we just ride it out,” said Flebbe. 

While the national record has been broken, it has yet to beat the 2008 record when adjusted for inflation, which would be well over $5 per gallon. Experts believe that mark could eventually be passed, and the high cost at the pump will remain.