ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The City of Abilene will soon decide which of their ‘Top 10 Worst Intersections’ will get part of $1 million worth of upgrades.

The Street Maintenance Advisory and Appeals Board met earlier this week to give their recommendations on which of the following intersections deserve some of the $1 million (attached dollar amounts are estimates on how much each intersection will cost to upgrade):

  1. S Willis Street and S 7th Street – $450,000 with signal improvements
  2. Pine Street and N 10th Street – $450,000 with signal improvements
  3. S Willis Street and S 14th Street – $550,000 with signal improvements
  4. Pine Street and N 18th Street – $450,000 with signal improvements
  5. N 18th Street and Kirkwood Street – $100,000 with no signal improvements
  6. N 18th Street and Hickory Street – $450,000 with signal improvements
  7. Chimney Rock Road and Catclaw Drive – $100,000 with no signal improvements
  8. Thompson Parkway and Cole Drive – $100,000 with no signal improvements
  9. N 14th Street and Westwood Drive – $100,000 with no signal improvements
  10. N 18th Street and Mimosa Street – $100,000 with no signal improvements

Board members decided that both #1 and #2 on the list are the highest priorities, as well as #5, which will be rebuilt and replaced with concrete. #9 could get some work as well, if there is money left over.

City council members will now look at the board’s recommendations in an upcoming meeting before giving the final green light to start the upgrade project in 2023.

All locations included in the ‘Top 10 Worst Intersections’ list were graded on the amount of traffic, as well as the amount of storm-water runoff in the area.