ABILENE, TX. (KTAB/KRBC)- The Coronavirus hasn’t made it easy for anyone to live their daily lives, especially medical professionals. A group of high school students are looking to ease that burden.

“Over my career I have seen teachers and students do amazing things, but I have to tell you that this right here might possibly take the cake,” said Abilene ISD Superintendent Dr. David Young.

“I could see something maybe in college, but in high school I didn’t think we’d ever  do something that would effect a lot of people. I think that this is a really cool opportunity that we were able to help Hendrick with this,” said Wylie High School robotics student Kole Trumble.

Students from Abilene, Wylie, and ATEMS High Schools worked together to build a robot that have the ability to moved in and out of hospital rooms, so the Hendrick hospital staff can help their patients, while staying a safe enough distance away.

“We just got them all together and started working, and seeing them work it’s the best feeling you can have as a teacher. Seeing them take the stuff they learn in the classroom and apply into real life,” said Wylie High School engineering and science teacher Andy Hope.

“The robotics program that we have and that other schools do I mean that’s one of the big things it gives them. It gives them a hands on, very tactile way of thinking and figuring things out,” said ATEMS High School engineering teacher Larry Haney.

In order to protect the wiring and make the robots easier to clean, a local manufacturing company is lending a helping hand.

“The cover we build allows them to cover all that, and so when they’re sanitizing it going from room to room, that allows them to sanitize it completely, smoothly and less contamination going from one person to the next,” Tiger Manufacturing’s Troy Miller.

While COVID-19 is disrupting the lives of people all over the world, it creates the opportunity for everyone to think outside the box.

“Sometimes chaos creates opportunity, and on the other side of this curve, I truly believe healthcare will be better and stronger and more innovative,” said Hendrick President and CEO Brad Holland.

Even though the Coronavirus has made life uncomfortable for people all around the world, it has given us the chance, to think of creative ways to help each other.