Recapping this week’s COVID-19 events


ABILENE, TX. (KTAB/KRBC)- This pandemic has changed lives all around the globe. On top of this week resulting in Abilene’s first Coronavirus related death, numerous events happened this week that are noteworthy. This week Mayor Anthony Williams announced Abilene’s shelter in place order, designed to slow the spread of the virus.

“They need to stay home because your neighbor who is medically fragile could die, and I don’t want anybody to have that on their conscience. I sure as heck don’t want anybody’s neighbors to die either,” said City Manager Robert Hanna.

With more testing available we are seeing a greater amount of confirmed cases in Abilene, and more cases puts more pressure medical professionals.

“All of us have to get used to healthcare looking a little bit different right now. We’re not able to just show up at our doctor’s office or call, because everybody’s being very careful and trying to preserve resources for those who are really ill,” said Director of Health Services Annette Lerma.

Even though, the pandemic has disrupted everyone’s lives, it’s not all doom and gloom. Education is evolving and in some cases becoming more creative. While local businesses like are doing everything they can to help people in need.

“This community as a whole always steps up, and i think that us being a part of it, and seeing how many people contribute to this comm0on good, it’s a pretty special place to be,” said President of Tige Boats Daniel Gutierrez.

Small businesses, their workers, schools, and families are already feeling the economic impact of COVID-19 across the Big Country. Sadly, there are more problems that have not revealed themselves, but could become issues soon.

“We’re going to have problems getting parts. Manufacturers are closing down and shutting down, and the warehouses are shutting down, so we’re going to have a difficulty finding parts if things don’t change in the near future,” said Owner of Procter Automotive Jimmy Campbell.

In an effort to stay connected and inform the community, Mayor Williams spoke to everyone via Facebook live, to stress the importance of everybody being on the same page during these tough times.

“If you don’t need to leave your house, don’t leave your house, and be wise. If you’re sick, don’t put others at risk, with you going about your daily activities,” said Mayor Anthony Williams.

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