(KTAB/KRBC) – The end of the 100 degree temperatures, when is it going to happen? That has been the basic question every Big Country resident has been asking ever since the beginning of the onslaught of those drastically hot readings. Probably the second biggest burning question Abelienians have probably been left to wonder was, when is Braum’s opening in Abilene? I love ice cream, but I feel like I know weather a bit better, so I will address our run of 100 degree days as my level of expertise. Just as a mint-pistachio cone (from Braum’s or any ice cream shop) stands no chance of remaining long on one of those hot Texas summer afternoons, so go our hopes of seeing an early fall around the Big Country. But I am here to tell you, enough of those 100 degree days! In fact, I am about to outline 3 reasons why now is the time to see that summer is winding down and the days of the 100’s will end on Saturday.

The first reason is – we have a pretty strong front expected this weekend. This system will drop our temps several degrees and not only will it bring us cooler conditions, but it also promises to bring some decent chances of rain for the Big Country. This is something that has been needed for quiet awhile now. Initially we are looking for those high temps to drop into the upper 90’s and the rain chances will actually rise as we go through the weekend and into next week. Now this front initially will not be enough to bring complete relief so that’s why we are looking at our second reason for added support.

Reason number two – a stronger cold front moving in on the heels of the our first weekend front will be a real difference maker. This will not just be any old front pushing through. This air mass will have some cooler air punch to it because it originates in Canada. This is usually a front associated with much colder air. When we get these in late fall and winter, it means significant drop in temps and colder air seeping in. With the hot temps we have been seeing lately, hard to believe we would see freezing conditions, but we will see much cooler air moving in. Certainly the upper 80s for highs will make for a marked improvement.

Reason number three – hey, it does not take a meteorologist to figure out the calendar already says it’s SEPTEMBER. It’s the time of year we think about cool crisp mornings, sweaters, and of course what would west Texas be without talking football. Those are the things we should think about. We should not have to worry about whether or not we will get a third degree burn on the seat of the car because we parked in the hot Texas sun in September. Think about how much more of a simpler world this would be? Actual seasons, what a brilliant idea! Even for a weather guy, I think I speak for all of my fellow meteorologists in the area when I say, we have officially run out of ways to officially say, “IT’S HOT!”.

So are we officially done with the 100 degree days? I firmly believe we are there on Saturday. If not, well then maybe we can enjoy a few days of much cooler weather and some much needed moisture for the area, oh yea, and maybe a mint-pistachio cone without the fear of it melting in that hot Texas heat.