There’s no sign of relief from the heat in this forecast. In fact, if temperatures continue to hover around the century mark we could claim the top spot from 2011’s record hot June and potentially threaten the record hottest summer as well if we keep this up through July and August.

Tonight: Slightly Cooler and Less Breezy. Temperatures are dipping into the 70s as winds relax down to around 10 to 20 mph all night. Skies stay clear with just a handful of clouds expected.

Friday: Hot and Sunny. Yet another day of triple digits as the Big Country hovers around the century mark. Winds will continue to be a pleasant and consistent breeze of around 10 to 20 mph. Skies stay sunny with just a handful of clouds expected.

Future Weather Discussion: High pressure keeps chugging on. Consistent weather persists through the Summer Solstice next Tuesday and into the later parts of next week as high pressure shows little to no sign of relenting for the next week or two.