EASTLAND, Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- It was just before six in the morning when Toni and Truitt Hart got warning that a tornado might be headed toward their home just southeast of Lake Leon. In a matter of seconds, that warning proved true.

“I was standing up by my bed to find my shoes and stuff, and I saw this wall going like this, and I knew we were fixing to get it bad. . . I heard it break, and so I fell in the floor to keep from getting hit. My husband was still in the bed, and it got glass and everything all over him,” said Toni Hart.

A large oak tree was uprooted and came crashing through their second story bedroom wall. The tree was quickly followed by harsh winds and rain that went shooting through their stairwell and blew out the back wall of their home.

“It was over just like that it just on through, so it was done very quickly,” Hart said.

Though over quickly, the damage was done, but it wasn’t long before their family, friends, neighbors, and neighbors’ neighbors came to help clean up the mess left by the storm.

“There’s people that came that I don’t even know who they were…helping. I mean it’s just part of living in this part of the world. People see something happening, and they’re gonna come help,” Hart said.

Working all day and well into the evening, the community got debris sorted into piles and salvaged what they could to be stored in their homes until the Harts can rebuild.

Aside from an uninhabited cabin that was leveled by the storm, the Harts had the only home reported damaged. All things considered, Hart says she’s just thankful to be alive and thankful for such wonderful friends.

“I’m not dead, so I guess I can laugh. You know, you gotta look at it that way…friends will help you through it. Family will help you through it. As long as you’re okay, well, this other stuff…it’s stuff so – it’ll be alright,” said hart.

Hart says they were insured and are doing alright financially. They attend the Lake Leon Baptist Church. Their pastor Craig Rhotn says anyone wishing to donate to their rebuilding can do so through the church by calling (254) 271-9509.