Friday, June 10th, 2020

Today/Tonight: Settling in to the weekend with temperatures expected into the low triple digits. Likely to break the record of 102° set back in 2012 only by one degree. Winds will continue on the breezy side from the south-southwest between 10-15 mph gusting to 25 mph.

Tomorrow: Saturday in the big country will start of with sunny skies and humid conditions with temperatures expected to be around the upper 70’s with afternoon highs climbing to 106°, expected to once again break records by one degree (105°, 2012). Overnight lows will fall into the upper 70’s with winds from the southwest switching towards the south between 5-15mph.

Future Discussion: Temperatures likely to continue to break and tie records as we move ahead into the forecast. Stay hydrated and remember to be aware of heat related illnesses. Unfortunately, no real signs of relief as we look ahead into next week.