Wednesday, August 10th, 2022

Tonight: Spotty showers dissipating leaving behind humid and a seasonal but calm night as winds continue from the northeast around 5 mph. Overnight low will fall into the mid 70’s.

Tomorrow: A chance, slim at best for a few evening summertime showers with afternoon highs into the upper 90’s this depending on the cloud cover and limiting showers. Winds will continue from the north-northeast switching towards the east-northeast around 5-10 mph. Overnight lows will fall into the mid 70’s with a look at the full moon views!

Future Discussion: A meteor shower peaking this Friday and Saturday with still a rather full super moon hindering the meteor shower. Afternoon highs are increasing due to lack of cloud cover getting back to seasonal temperatures into the upper 90’s with overnight lows into the mid 70’s, with triple, digits next week.