Friday, October 27th, 2023

Summary: A lot to digest in the forecast, the first of two cold fronts arrives today across the region liming temperatures by about 10°’s. There does exists the chance for showers along the cold front before some brief clearing that will allow temperatures to warm back up by late evening. Now, the tricky part of the forecast arrives heading into tomorrow. One should expect temperatures to be even cooler as the winds remain out of the north, that is through the afternoon we will see winds shifting out of the south brining in slightly warmer conditions, however this will be limited thanks to the cloud cover and scattered rain showers. Moving into Sunday morning, highs will be recorded near midnight then fall throughout the day, with feels like into the 20’s with blustery wind speeds near 40 mph with the passage of the second front. Tuesday night we could even potentially be looking at our first freeze of the year. We will be watching the temperatures dropping into the 30’s with rain chances very closely.

Today: Mostly sunny start out ahead a cold front that arrives knocking back temperatures into the 60’s into the lunch hour along a small, brief shower. Following the front showers and cloud cover clear letting temperatures climb back into the 70’s. High Temperature: 74° Winds: S>N 5-10 MPH

Tonight: Partly cloudy conditions building overnight with a chance for spotty showers moving into Saturday morning. Low Temperature: 56° Winds: ENE 5-10 MPH