This week sure is a busy one, not only in your love life but weather as well. Following today’s pacific front expect winds to pick and a few showers leading to thunderstorms overnight. Valentine’s day will be a rather windy one so hold on tight and hold on to things you don’t want blowing away. Another cold front arrives Thursday with a drop in temperatures but no rain showers. Temperatures will fluctuate with rain chances possible once again early next week.


Today: Happy Monday, today will be a beautiful sunrise across the big country thanks to an abundance of mid and upper level clouds. A pacific cold front is expected to make it’s way into the big country moving in quickly increasing winds out ahead of it’s arrival. It’s a cloudy but mild Galentine’s day. High Temperature: 65° Winds: W>SSE 5-15 G 25 MPH

Tonight: As the pacific front pushes through expect a few areas to see general thunderstorms with main concerns being strong winds, heavy rain and lightning to become an issue. Rain chance (90%), accumulation around 1/10″-1/4″ expected. Low Temperature: 47° Winds: SSE 20-25 G 40 MPH.

Valentine’s Day: It’s a noisy morning thanks to the arrival of the front with rain chances behind the front. However, by the time you head out the door its sunny skies and HOWLING WINDS. High Temperature: 67° Winds: WSW 25-30 G 45 MPH

Wednesday: Sunny skies with strong winds continuing with a warm delight day ahead. High Temperature: 71° Winds: S>W 20-25 G 35 MPH

Thursday: Sunny and windy with a BIG drop in temperatures thanks to that cold front, no rain chances with this cold front unfortunately. High Temperature: 45° Winds: SSW 15-20 G 25 MPH.

Friday: A COLD START to Friday morning thanks to some radiational cooling overnight. A hard freeze for most of the area is expected. Mostly sunny with temperatures still below normal. High Temperature: 52° Winds: SE 10-15 MPH

Saturday :Partly sunny with light winds. High Temperature: 58°

Sunday: Sunny and warm. High Temperature: 70°.