Tuesday, March 7th, 2023

Summary: Enjoy the warmth and mostly sunny skies now because we have more cloud cover moving in with areas of patchy fog and isolated showers to the big country early this am. That all depends on a BIG if…. if a cold front stall north or south of the big country. That comes into place on Wednesday with a 20° difference across models.

Today: Mostly sunny with a light breeze as temperatures continue above normal. Enjoy the sunshine today as more cloud cover is expected to increase ahead in the forecast. High Temperature: 78° Winds: SSW 5-10 MPH.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy with temperatures on the more mild side, isolated showers could leave a trace of rain across the area. Rain chance 30% Low Temperature: 52° Winds: S 10-15 MPH.

Wednesday: Wednesday is a mixed bag in the big country… the culprit, a stationary front. Now whether or not that front makes it in to the big country will depend on how far and how deep the cold air mass is. I’ll go with an average into the 50’s with warmer models hinting into the 60’s and colder models into the 40’s.  Rain chance 40%. High Temperature: 55° Winds: SSW>NNE 5-10 MPH.

Thursday: The same system promising cooler weather will move north bringing in warmer air with wind from the south as a front out west is expected to move into the big country. Partly sunny with isolated rain showers through the morning. Rain chance 30% . High Temperature: 74° Winds: S>NW 10-15 MPH.

Friday: A cold front will move through bringing in slightly cooler area with mostly sunny conditions. Winds will arrive with a light breeze across the region High Temperature: 64° Winds: NE>E 10-15 MPH.

Saturday: Mostly sunny and breezy with temperatures on the warmer side thanks to a warm front moving into the region. High Temperature: 84° Winds: SW 10-20 G 30 MPH.

Sunday: WE SPRING FORWARD. A cold front moves in bring a slight dip in temperatures with mostly sunny condition. High Temperature: 69°

Monday: Temperatures feel slightly cool behind the cold front across the region. High Temperature: 62°