Another cold front arrives this afternoon bringing with it a drop in temperatures with a slight rain chance for our eastern counties with the passing of the front. Temperatures will be on a steady rebound following a cold start to the weekend.


Today: Sunny skies out behind the Valentine’s day strong and quick cold front, leaving temperatures mostly undisturbed. High Temperature: 77° Winds: SW 5-20 MPH

Tonight: A cold front moves through tonight bringing breezy winds and a slight chance at a few rain showers out east with mostly clear conditions following the front. Low Temperature: 31° Winds: WNW 15-20 MPH. (10% rain chance)

Thursday: Through the early morning hours we will build back that moisture with some upper level clouds making for a mostly sunny day. It’s a chilly day in the big country so make sure you grab the jacket on the way out. High Temperature: 45° Winds: NNW 15-20 MPH

Friday: A COLD START to Friday morning thanks to some radiational cooling overnight. A hard freeze for most of the area is expected. Mostly sunny with temperatures still below normal. High Temperature: 49° Winds: N>E 5-10 MPH

Saturday: Temperatures will start near freezing to kick off the weekend so make sure to bundle up. Cloud cover will move in early and build through the evening. High Temperature: 58° Winds: MPH. (10% rain chance)

Sunday: Mostly cloudy skies as temperatures continue a slow trend, more cloud cover will move in overnight leading to a mostly cloudy night. High Temperature: 71° Winds: SE 10-15 MPH

Monday :Partly sunny conditions cloudy a slight breeze. High Temperature: 79°

Tuesday: Partly sunny and warm with increasing cloud cover and a 10% rain chance. High Temperature: 73°.