Thursday, November 9th, 2023

Summary: This morning at midnight we recorded the high temperatures of 64° but by the early morning hours the temperatures fell into the upper 50’s with temperatures expected to continue dropping into the mid 40’s overnight. Rain is expected to come to a close by early Friday morning with partly sunny conditions to close out the week with temperatures topping out in the upper 50’s. By Veteran’s day we see temperatures increasing into the low 60’s with another cold front Monday with a slight decrease into the low 60’s with rain chances ending early Tuesday with temperatures near seasonal by Wednesday of next week.

Today: Overcast skies with light to moderate rain showers through the evening, temperatures recorded early at midnight with a steady decrease throughout the day. High Temperature: 64° Winds: N 10-15 G 20 MPH

Tonight: Overcast skies with gradual clearing overnight as showers come to a close. Low Temperature: 46° Winds: N 10-15 MPH