Friday, August 11, 2023

Summary: I took a week off and well… what a week it has been. A dangerous heat wave, storms that continued through the big country generating some damage. We set 6 records the past 5 days here in the big country, we could be looking at another 2 records being broken today, the record high minimum and maximum. We are however, watching for a “not as hot” front ahead into next week, with a chance at temperatures near the century mark Monday and Tuesday and increasing by the middle of next week. There is a bit of hope, temperatures are expected to weaken slightly with a chance at rain by late next week.

Today: Mostly sunny and warm with a few isolated showers. High Temperature: 109° Winds: SSW 10-15 G 25 MPH

Tonight: Calm, clear, warm night. Low Temperature: 81° Winds: SSE 10-15 MPH