Last full moon of the decade


Just like every other full moon that we have had this year, tonight’s full moon has a special name. The Full “Cold” Moon be the last full moon that we will see this decade! Tonight’s moon is referred to as the “Cold” Moon because December is the month that winter begins across the northern hemisphere.

If 12 is your lucky number, then you will enjoy tonight’s moon even more. The Cold Moon just so happens to peak at the perfect time. According to, the moon will be it’s fullest at 12:12 AM eastern time on December 12th (12/12/2019).

Across the South Plains, the moon’s view may be hindered somewhat by the increased cloud coverage that is expected overnight. Since the moon will be so bright, we will likely be able to see a faint halo around the moon.

There are many old wives’ tales about what the halo around the moon means. Scientifically, it is merely high altitude cirrus clouds that are between us and the moon. The light that is reflected off of the moon by the sun refracts in the ice crystals that are found in these cirrus clouds. This creates a halo, or ring, around the moon! Similar to how a rainbow is formed.

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