Happy Summer Solstice – the longest day/most daylight of the year! The heat is continuing on for the foreseeable future with little change. However, it’s not all triple digits! A weak cold front is expected to slide through the Big Country later this upcoming weekend and early next week to drop temperatures by around 5 to 10 degrees.

Tonight: Calm and mild. Low temps remain in the 70s with winds picking up to a light breeze of around 5 to 15 mph generally. Clear skies and quiet weather overall!

Wednesday: Hot and sunny. High temps once again reach back up to around the century mark give or take a couple of degrees. Winds continue to be light out of the south around 5 to 15 mph as skies remain clear and sunny all day.

Future Weather Discussion: While the next four to five days are going to be a near copy and paste forecast, looking beyond that into the weekend and early next week we’re eyeing a potential weak cold front that could, if it does reach the Big Country, drop temperatures down by around 5 to 10 degrees for the early parts of next week. Not insane relief but relief nonetheless.