There’s no recorded year even close to what we’ve seen this year compared to past years in terms of triple digit days observed so far. I’ve used the word “unprecedented” a few times to describe just how hot and unusual this year has been so far, and here’s some proof of that.

We had a record hot month of May and June is lining up to be among the top 3 hottest on record.

For example: In 2011, widely recognized as the hottest year on record for the Big Country, by June 22nd we had only seen 17 100° days for the year.

Triple digit days observed from January 1st through June 22nd of each year respectively.

So far for 2022 we’ve already seen 29 100° days not including today’s unofficial 100° day making it 30 triple digit days so far.

I’m not saying it’s a guarantee that we will continue to shatter records and set a new record hot year as we’re not even quite yet halfway, but if the last couple of months have been any indicator, this year could break many more records before it’s over. And, if it’s any consolation, there’s no direct correlation between a hot first half of the year leading to consistent record breaking hot years overall.


Tonight: Mild and calm. Temperatures drop into the 70s with a little more humidity to make the air feel sticky. Winds stay light at less than 15 mph generally with clear skies.

Thursday: Hot and stale. Temperatures get right back into the 100°-105° range yet again as winds calm down to a stale breeze at best of around 5 to 15 mph. Sunny skies with just some fair weather clouds expected.

Future Weather Discussion: What I haven’t discussed so far is how we’re anticipating our first cold front of the summer season this upcoming weekend. While it’s not going to be a game changer, it will knock our high temperatures down from the triple digits into the 90s at least for the Big Country for most of next week and throw some rain chances our way as it passes Sunday/Monday and potentially Tuesday.