Tuesday, April 16th Forecast: Another round of potential severe weather moves in for some Wednesday

Weather Forecasts

Tonight: Low temps tonight will bottom out in the mid 60’s for most of us, with winds staying breezy around 10 to 20 mph, gusting as high as 30 mph. Skies will clear out from mostly cloudy/overcast today to mostly clear overnight.

Wednesday: There are several things to talk about for today, so read through them!

1) Winds are going to stay pretty strong/gusty all day, around 15 to 25 mph and gusting around 35 mph at times.

2) A dry-line will push through the Big Country, bringing in drier air and letting most of us warm up into the low to mid 80’s.

3) That same dry-line will help to develop some potentially strong to severe storms in our eastern counties Wednesday evening. Currently parts of the eastern half of the Big Country are under a marginal (1/5), slight (2/5) and enhanced (3/5) risk to see some severe weather. 

4) The exact placement of the dryline and subsequent convection is not yet ironed out, but could fluctuate further east or west. I think the current severe weather outlook has this possibility included in it. The bulk of severe weather expected tomorrow will be east of the Big Country and more focused in central/east Texas. 

Final Thoughts: I’m currently expecting to see a few storms develop in the Big Country and then quickly move closer to the Metroplex. These storms have the potential to become severe, however, I think we’ll see the beginning stages of these storms before they become significantly severe. 

Future Weather Discussion: After tomorrow’s activity/cold front, temperatures will bottom out for the back-end of the week in the 60’s and lower 70’s. Easter weekend will be absolutely gorgeous with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures for the Big Country. Winds are going to be the only problem/negative aspect of the forecast, as they’ll stay fairly strong for the next week or so almost. 

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