Tuesday’s Wake-Up Weather: Last hot AND windy day for the week!

Weather Forecasts
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Winds after today will begin to relax substantially! The problem is, temperatures aren’t following suit, at least not as quickly. By the end of the week we’ll begin to see some changes in our weather pattern that could allow for some rain chances early next week!

Tuesday Morning: A solid breeze will greet you at the door as you head out this morning. Temperatures are mostly in the 70’s with up to 20 to 25 mph gusts at times. Skies are clear to mostly sunny.

Tuesday Afternoon: High temps are heading back for the upper 90’s and lower 100’s today. Winds are also going to pick up as well into the 30 to 35 mph gust range again today. We should be seeing a few clouds but still remain mostly sunny to partly cloudy.

Tuesday Night: Low temps are going to drop back down to the 70’s again. Winds will stay pretty breezy around 20 to 25 mph gusts as times. Skies will remain mostly clear to partly cloudy at times.

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