MOBILE, Ala. — An Alabama man woke up recently and found an alligator in his swimming pool.

“What in the blue blazes is this?” homeowner Steven Mculland said in a video Friday. “I took my glasses off and looked around and made sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing, and I was.”

Mculland suspects the small alligator climbed over his fence to reach the backyard pool, where it was seen swimming laps, reported WALA.

“I’ve been looking around seeing how he got in there, and there’s nothing, so he must’ve climbed in,” he said.

Alligators, which can swim quickly using their tails, use water to catch their prey, but this one may have been trying to cool off.

“I am flabbergasted,” Mculland said in the video. “[If] you own an alligator, and you’re missing one, he’s in the backyard in my pool. Come get it. Thank you.”

Mculland says the next time he takes a dip, he’ll make sure to look twice.

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